Top Machine Services has spent more than 20 years refining our Granita & Cocktail recipes in order to create the more than 50 mouth watering flavors we now have on offer. We love to keep things local, that’s why all of our slushy bases and products are sourced from within Western Australia. Whatever the occasion, no matter how selective the taste, Top Machine Services has everybody’s flavor.



Banana Daiquiri

Made with Banana, Peach and Orange

Bacardi 1400ml
Banana Daiquiri Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

This masterpiece will have you going completely Bananas… Sorry.


Blue Lagoon

Made With Orange, Peach And Pineapple Juices

Vodka 1400ml
Blue Lagoon Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

Where young love started.


Bourbon & Coke

Made With The Finest Cola

Bourbon 1400ml
Coke Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

One for the lads (pretty umbrellas are definitely not included).


Caribbean Breeze

Made With Orange, Pineapple and Peach

Bacardi 1400ml
Caribbean Breeze Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

The rum might be gone, but this delight is here to stay. Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho.



Made With Cranberry, Peach, Orange and Raspberry Juices

Vodka 1400ml
Cosmopolitan Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

Samantha Jones’ very own toe curling concoction.


Coyote Ugly

Made with Passionfruit, Lime and Tutti Fruti
Tequila 1400ml
Coyote Ugly Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

You can try to resist, but LeAnn Rimes covers will be taking place.



Made With Melons, Orange, Pineapple Juice and a hint of Coconut

Vodka 1400ml
Delusion Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

The real delusion is thinking you can put this marvelous cocktail down.


Fruit Tingle

Made With Banana, Passionfruit, and Orange Juice

Vodka 1400ml
Fruit Tingle Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

A fruit mingle that’ll make your taste buds tingle.



Made with Peach, Grapefruit & Orange Juices

Vodka 1400ml
Gladiator Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

Step into the arena with this potent opponent (BYO Lions & Tigers).


Head Rush

Made With Orange, Peach and Strawberry Juices

Vodka 1400ml
Head Rush Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

This ferocious fusion will get the party started, just don’t stand up too quickly.


Jungle Juice

Made with Grape, Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple, Lime and Peach Juice

Vodka 1400ml
Jungle Juice Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

Embrace your inner animal with this mouth watering medley.


Lemon Margarita

Made With Lemon and Lime Juice

Tequila 1400ml
Lemon Marguerita Base 2000ml
Water 6600ml

Zesty & tangy, for those who like some punch.